Saving You Time & Making You More Money!

Even if our total tournament management package of services is not for you, we can still save you time and make you more money with some awesome a la carte offerings. Remember our goal is to bring imagination, innovation, and excitement to your event. When those three elements combine the byproduct is higher profits!

We can provide:

  • Tournament website with online registration and sponsorship sales
  • A way to "supercharge" your fundraising
  • Exciting Hole-in-One contests for really BIG prizes
  • Automated auction management guaranteed to bring in big bids
  • Aerial videography services to elevate all your promotional efforts

Read on for more about each of these offerings. 



Total Online Tournament Management

WMG Tournament Masters is proud to offer the best online tournament management package available.  Birdease Pro is an easy to use cloud-based application with all of the functionality you will need to automate your tournament.  Here are just some of the benefits you can reap: 

One console offers total control

Escape the last minute registrant changes, check-in, late payments and all of the other things that can drive you nuts when your software is not up to the task. You control every registrant record and because we cloud-based, you can change things from anywhere.  We completely satisfy your inner control freak.

Money Flows Directly to You

Select your preferred payment gateway and sit back. We support Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree for online and onsite credit card payments.

Follow this link to find more information

Save 30-40 hours of tournament operational time – manage more golfers in less time

Supercharge Your Fundraising

The SuperTicket is not simply bundling of mulligans, raffles and games like all the others ... everyone does that.  No SuperTicket is “Money In The Box” and creates excitement and adds additional revenue to your fundraising efforts.  

SuperTicket eliminates the “nickel & diming” that golfers hate by bundling one big “all inclusive” package of contests sold at check-in where you can easily manage the cash or credit cards.  No on course sales required.  

Your tournament gets:

  • $2000 cash prize on all Par 3s for a Hole-In-One including signage
  • $5000 cash prize on a putting contest
  • 7 vacation getaway prizes
  • 1 golf/spa vacation
  • Free Hybrid & Wedge golf clubs offer for each golfer (they pay shipping)
  • Each golfer can register for a free set of Ping irons
  • $10 Golfsmith coupons for everyone

Get a sponsor for the SuperTicket and upwards of $3000 can go to your bottom line!  

Play Your Ace In The Hole

Cars, Clubs, & Cash!  Provide that extra “zing” with high value Hole-in-One contests.  We can creatively package a series of Hole-in-One contests and Closest-to-the-Pin contests with exciting prizes or “prize experiences.”  Using our special pricing advantages we can make your event stand out from the mundane golf tournaments put on by others.

Hole-In-One packages can include:

  • New SUV
  • White Water Rafting Trip
  • $10,000 cash prize 
  • Full Set of Ping Golf Clubs
  • $1000 “staycation” at a local attraction

Adding other BIG contest prizes would be additional, however the impact and promotional value of the addition is invaluable. 

Step Up Your Silent Auction

Raise a lot more money with a lot less effort by automating your auction and delivering it on a mobile platform. Donors can bid from anywhere: around the course, in the clubhouse, from their offices, in their living rooms, or across the country.  Reach out to supporters no matter where they may be. 

Don’t wait until the day of the event to start the bidding!  Let VIPs get a head start on the rest of the pack by opening their bidding days ahead of the actual auction.  

Don’t let the size of the field or the room hold back your auction profits.  We can accommodate up to 500 auction items and 2500 active participants. 

Double your profits by selling an auction sponsorship where their logo is embedded in the auction bidding.  

Avoid long lines at close of auction with our automated invoicing and payment options.  It makes getting these donations easier and effortless.  

Record all the transactions from one year to the next including items, bids, bidder information, as well as revenue and expenditure information.  All available in real-time.  

Elevate Your Promotion With Aerial Videography

Enhance your tournament promotion with aerial flyover videography. 

Let us show you a cost effective way to take memories to new heights and to create above the horizon promotional campaigns that will thrill your golfers and impress your sponsors.  

Our team of professional television producers will edit and craft a longform video with footage from your event suitable for YouTube or your website AND two 30 or 60 second promotional spots that you can show to current and potential sponsors.  Both productions use video and high-quality still photography to tell your story in an engaging and compelling manner.  We deliver sight, sound, motion, and emotion!


Wide-Lens Video & 12 Megapixel Photography Camera. Video is stabilized with a 3-Axis Gimbal for fluid motion.


Adjustments, Title Creation & Integration, Color Correction, Encoding of Final Output for DVD, Blue-Ray, Web, etc., and Uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.


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