Go Social or Die!

Written by Chris Werner. Posted in Shark News

Ok, maybe it is not that dire, however if you are not heavily into social media marketing you are way behind the curve. Want to get ahead?

In the past five years or so, social media marketing has exploded and been embraced by most of the giants of industry.  But when we look at local golf operations we see a large “out to lunch” sign.  We see a direct connection between increased social media marketing and increased profits.

There is no shortage of social media marketing channels to choose from.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and others offer so many opportunities that your head will begin to swim.  And knowing which to use and how to use in an integrated and effective marketing effort is no small task.  Then there is the issue of exactly who is going to do all this blogging and tweeting and “facebooking. “ That is why so many operations don’t really use the power of social media marketing.

We are here to meet all those challenges.

First we will analyze current efforts.  Then we will produce a road map marketing plan that will increase the connection between your customers and your club (this begins the path to increased profits.) Finally, we will take the burden off your staff in producing the social media. 

Our philosophy is simple: Effective social media marketing MUST engage, educate, and entertain.

Give us a call to learn more or read our whitepaper “Social Media Marketing: A Path to Increase the Buzz and the Bucks.”


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