The Experience Is What You're Selling!

Written by Chris Werner. Posted in Shark News

Building better customer experiences is a sure way to higher profits.

There is no question that the golf industry is in a state of flux.  If you read all the trades you hear that play is declining, memberships are drying up, and club after club is failing.  So what are clubs doing in response?  They are making many of the same mistakes that lots of other industries have made:

Mistakes such as:

–    Offering deep discounts in every department
–    Freezing or lowering membership fees
–    Cutting back on services
–    Allowing 3rd parties to control inventory and offer stupid rates (hoping that volume will rescue them)
–    Cutting back on marketing efforts. 

While price is an important factor in determining purchase, it is not the only factor and yet price seems to be the particular fixation of many in the golf business. 

Every time a customer walks onto the club property they face a series of “touchpoints” for service and you face a series of “moments of truth.”  To survive and thrive we must develop customer oriented organizations organized for change. 

What does that mean exactly?  It means that we take each piece of the operation and look to find one thing that we can do to create a stand out moment. 

You don’t have to be the best at everything!

We live and have lived for quite a long time in an entertainment economy people want an emotional experience. Make the experience people enjoy at your club unique in as many ways as possible so there is an emotional connection to your club that the other clubs cannot touch or destroy on price alone!

Don’t know how to start?  Give us a call for hundreds of new ideas for making your club stand out in a crowded field.


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