Stand Out From The Crowd!

Written by Chris Werner. Posted in Shark News

There are two quotes which define our marketing philosophy here at Werner Marketing; the first is from Albert Einstein:  “The world we have created is the product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Nowhere is this more applicable than in the world of golf course marketing and promotion.

Clubs cling to the notion that their course will stand out against 200 others in the Golfer’s Guide or some other golf publication; they feel certain that running weekly coupons in the paper – competing by offering deeper and deeper discounts – is a viable strategy for filling the tee sheet hoping that ‘volume’ can save the day; and that their website, boring, static, and without call to action or promotion will differentiate them from the dozens of other courses that have all done the same thing. 

Sheer lunacy.  And we wonder why clubs fail.

Our company is many things.  We are an ad agency. We are a PR firm. We are web developers. We are a mobile developers. We are  application developers. We are a social media facilitators. We are sales trainers

Put it all together and we are a full service – holistic MARKETING COMPANY.

More than just a ‘one trick pony,’ we are highly diversified marketing generalists who can help develop programs to:

  • Enhance your branding,
  • Prospect for and sell new golfers or members,
  • Elevate the customer’s experience at your course,
  • Deepen the engagement your current customers have with the brand, 
  • Enable you to be less susceptible to price wars and discount battles.

You know the business has changed.  You probably even know all the reasons offered for the change – both real and rationalized.  So the real question is “do you know how to do to fight back and succeed?”  Do you have the prescription to cure the illness that is afflicting our business?  (If you want our take on this then download our “Prescriptions to reverse illness and make your golf course healthy again.”)

There are lots of companies that claim to be able to help.  We are willing to stack our 40 years of marketing experience up against them because we know we have what it takes to cure that which ails our industry.

At the outset I mentioned two quotes, the 2nd belongs to George Bernard Shaw (more often attributed to Bobby Kennedy) “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never where and ask why not.”

Let us help you grow your business, excite your customers, and increase profits.


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