Tournament Terrors - #1

Written by Chris Werner. Posted in Shark News

Tournament Terror #1 – Not Enough Players

Without a doubt this is the greatest fear that every tournament organizer has.  It fills their days and nights with anxiety and worry.  And rightly so. 
The number of times that we have seen a field of 100 become 70 then 30 and finally 15 are too numerous to mention.  Usually this happens as a result of poor planning on the part of the golf committee or on an over blown set of expectations.

When this happens most organizers are faced with the unenviable decision whether to cancel and forfeit their deposit or play with the 15 registered golfers.  Don’t put yourself in this position.

Read on to see how 8 by 4 by 4 solves your problem!

Our Solution: The eight – four – four plan
Golf outings happen in the real world not Hollywood, by which we mean that “if we book it they will come” does not apply.  What should be the mindset is along the lines of “as we build it they will come.” 

What's the difference? The most successful events are those that focus on building awareness of the event and the cause behind it.  They shamefully promote at every opportunity calling donors, sending announcements, networking, and use any connections they might have.  The most common attendee at any tournament is someone who has a connection to the event host or organization. As you recruit committee members, find those who have large connections to the community.  Invite them, cajole them, latch on to them --- and make sure that they bring their rolodex along.

Once you have them all on board, decide what a “full field” is for you – we recommend 128 golfers. That way all the tees are double stacked except the Par 3s. 

Then fill the field as follows: 

Each of the 8 members of your committee commit to finding 4 people who in turn commit to find 4 golfers (1 foursome.)  8 x 4 x 4 = 128!

If it sounds overly simple – it is.  The key is to find the right people to serve on your organizing committee.  Start early (6 months), employ incentives, celebrate success, and fill that field. 

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