Tournament Consultant: Friend or Foe?

Written by Chris Werner. Posted in Shark News

Why hiring a tournament consultant is a smart first step.

The first time you plan and implement any fundraising activity, there is a steep learning curve.  Every event has intricacies that are not immediately obvious from the outside.  A golf tournament is no different. It has all the same planning issues as any other event requiring considerable planning and close attention to an event timeline.

There are hundreds of horror stories about charity organizations who decided to host a golf event to raise funds for their good works or companies that want to say “thank you” to employees and customers only to realize that they know little to nothing about how to do the work and don’t know where to turn.  The course is great for ‘day of event” but courses rarely have dedicated folks to do in-depth planning at the beginning and pay attention to the details along the way.

Our difference is that we appreciate what golf tournament planners really do. We appreciate it because we have been in your shoes.  We fully understand the unique needs of golf tournament planners and tournament chairpersons, so we’re poised to meet those needs efficiently and cost-effectively. We recognize how challenging your role is and what you go through day in and out. This makes us an asset not a liability.

We bring innovation and experience not a hidden agenda.

Right from the beginning we focus on your goals and your way of working. We work your agenda, not ours. This kind of support can help you stay focused on keeping sponsors and golfers happy and managing a highly successful golf tournament, while our job is to cover all the bases and add value wherever we can.

Our team of professionals are highly experienced in the planning and execution of golf events and they are also proven fundraising specialists.

Because no two golf tournaments are the same.

Whatever your tournament schedule and format, we can help with package of services designed  to make it work. We’ve been involved with many tournaments  and bring a notion of  what’s been successful and what hasn’t. In addition, we link to other Golf Tournament Association of American tournament directors throughout the country. They’re a great resource when it comes to current tournament best practices and creative golf tournament solutions.

A total golf tournament solution designed for you.

We have the people, processes, facilities, networks and tools to deliver tournament service packages that ultimately make your life easier.  We can accommodate tournaments of all sizes and budgets—from small group team building events to large tournaments with hundreds of golfers.  Let us help you create a unique solution for you or your clients tournament so that it is memorable and successful.

We are your best bet for staying focused on big-picture tournament success.

Tournament Masters offers full golf event consulting services for charity groups seeking to raise funds or companies planning outings for customer or employee appreciation.  For more information follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook ( or on the web at

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