Creating Customer Connections = C3.

Written by Chris Werner. Posted in Shark News

C3 evolves from the certainty that b2b and b2c is still just person to person (p2p) and that it is all about creating a connection between your product / service and the person(s) who needs your product or service.

C3 understands that consumers are on a never ending adventure filled with interactions with others (friends, family, media channels, products, services, etc) and where we are faced with thousands of “touch pints” on any given day.

C3 also recognizes that we are being “sold to” nearly every second of every day and that we mere mortals have to have a mechanism by which we choose what to buy and who to buy from? More importantly is how do you get more people to buy, or continue to buy, your products and services?

The answer, a C3 approach.

Between your reason for being and your customer's reason for purchasing there's a thin line. This is where we interact. It's where the Experience happens. If you want to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, loyalty and overall long-term business success you need to deliver a great customer experience. This means emotionally connecting with your consumers at every touch point in a relevant and enjoyable manner that will leave a lasting positive impression.

We seek to bring brands to consumers with the same level of excitement, energy and creativity that you'd find in dramatic performances. We look to activate all five senses to help turn observers into active consumers. We believe this approach will forge sustainable relationships with target consumers and generate the kind of favorable word-of-mouth buzz that helps build equity and drive sales long after the experience.

Edison said that “vision without execution is hallucination.” We believe that a great marketing idea and strategy is nothing unless it can be transformed from vision to truth. We believe that a great idea requires great execution. We apply organized action in a well-balanced implementation of creative, technology and resources. This allows us to create rich customer experiences that build momentum and keeps your customers coming back for more.



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