Can your brand inspire positive changes in the world?

Written by Chris Werner. Posted in Shark News

Very soon there will be less fast food, sugary cereal, and candy mixed in with cartoons on TV and cable. New ads pop up touting drinking less sugary drinks and smaller portions. Where does your brand stand in the world of positive behavior?


The Walt Disney Co. has become the first major media company to ban ads for junk food on its television channels, radio stations and websites, in an attempt to stop kids from eating badly by taking away the tantalizing temptations. They were quickly joined in this stand against childhood obesity by the Cartoon Network. Both brands seek to be associated with motivating positive behavior and change.

By setting nutrition requirements for food advertisements on its TV channels, radio station, Web site and theme parks, Disney is sending a clear message: “We are serious about the problem of childhood obesity, and are willing to sacrifice revenue in the short term in exchange for a long term benefit with parents.”

The rising rate of obesity in children and adults in the U.S. and the need for better dietary habits is a hot national issue attracting the attention of First Lady Michelle Obama and Mayor Bloomberg in NYC. They have been joined in the battle by none other than soft drink giant Coca-Coal. Savvy brands should see this as an opportunity to establish their reputation as one who wishes to make the world a better place by motivating positive change.

Looking at life’s “big picture” and making connections between your brand and some positive change you can inspire is just good corporate imaging and that is what we can help you achieve and maintain.


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