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"The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking."  -- Albert Einstein

Werner Media Group is a broad based marketing consultancy focused on improving market share and profitability for independently owned golf courses and country clubs throughout the United States.  

Ask the leadership of almost any golf course or country club if they are pursuing excellence in their marketing, operations, and planning, and in delivering fun, unique, and entertaining experiences for their members, guests, and golfers, and almost certainly the response will be “of course.” 

But are they really?

We are astounded at the number of clubs and golf courses who don’t have a budget, departmental goals, knowledge of their numbers, a marketing plan, effective internal communications, a system to generate and follow up on leads for their products and services, and other basics.

This is where we “roll up our sleeves” and go to work.  

With over thirty years of experience in marketing, from several different perspectives, Werner Media Group seeks to break golf courses out of the “marketing pack” and do unique things that will successfully differentiate them from their competitors -- without relying on discounts!

We define what the pursuit of excellence looks like by focusing on a thorough list of basic, sound FUNDAMENTAL business practices that every private club and golf course should be doing routinely if they are serious about growing their business and the pursuit of excellence.

Our promise to our clients is simple, our marketing plans will be imaginative, innovative, exciting, and results oriented. We are not interested in doing ‘the same old thing’ and we don’t think that golf courses that strive for success in today’s economy are either.


Werner Media Group

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